Gridsome CLI

A command-line tool for creating new Gridsome projects. Install Gridsome CLI globally with npm install --global @gridsome/cli.


Usage create <name> [starter]

  • name - Directory name to create the project in.
  • starter - Optional starter kit name.
Official starter kits
Defaultgridsome create my-website
WordPressgridsome create my-blog wordpress

Read more about starter kits


Usage gridsome develop

Run this command inside the project directory to start a local development server. The server will start at http://localhost:8080/ with hot-reloading etc.

Available options:

--port <port>use specified port (default: 8080)
--host <host>use specified host (default:


Usage gridsome build

This command will generate a static site inside a dist directory in your project.


Usage gridsome explore

Run this command to start GraphQL Playground and explore your schema or data. Open your browser and go to http://localhost:8080/___explore to start exploring.


Usage gridsome info

This command will output information about the local environment.

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